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News, Press & Posters

In the many years that Leo Schimanszky has earned his living as an artist, there has been a lot of newspaper articles, exhibition pamphlets and posters that were printed and released. Although Leo has tons of them in his possession, here are a few examples he dug up and scanned for your curious eyes.

Sculptor is a rarity
The Gazette
by Virginia Nixon
October 20, 1978


Leo Schimanszky et la sculpture
Magazine Les Arts
by Lise Montas
May 1982

(In French)


Leo Schimanszky - Sculpteur
Le Collectionneur
Quarterly magazine
Volume IV, No.13, 1982


De Vienne à Dorion
Journal L'Étoile
By Francine Deschamps
June 7, 1984
(In French)


Hudson sculptor's approach 'reflects humanity'
The Montreal Gazette
December 9, 1988


Arp - Rodin - Moore: Schimanszky
Kanada - Kurier
November 28, 1991


A Badener makes a big career as an
internationally renowned artist

Baden Austria
June 14, 1995
(In German)


Leo Schimanszky Painter & Sculptor 
Exhibition St.Peter an der Sperr,
November 1996
Wr.NeuStadt, Austria

(in German)


XJ-S Lifetree
Jaguar World Magazine
Nov. / Dec. 1997
Vol. 10 No. 2


Ice Storm aftermath is frozen in time
The Gazette
By Dorota Kozinska
April 9, 1998


Schimanszky exhibition at Bonaventure Hilton
The Hudson Gazette
June 17, 1998


A sculptor floats his innovative ideas
The Gazette
by Dorota Kozinska
August 22, 1998


Art ahoy - sculptor hopes to send his work on a cruise
The Gazette
Ann Duncan - Art critic


Galerie Bernard Desroches
Vernissage pamphlet
Oct. 28 to Nov. 24, 2000


New exhibit for Leo Schimanszky
Hudson Journal
by Pauline Naidoo
June 10, 2004


One artist's curvy interpretation of life
In Magazine
Texts by:
Genevieve K. Waller and Nada Raphael
Spring 2006
(In French and English)


This is Christmas Time
New Christmas CD from
Leo Schimanszky
The Hudson Gazette
November 29, 2000


Avant Garden
Gulshore Life Magazine: Article about the Johnson's home where Leo Shimanszky's Red Lady is on display on the pier.
January 10, 2013


International objets d'art on Marco Island
Avant garde sculptor's work on show in Art League garden
April 8, 2013


Center for the Arts
Celebration marks sculpture garden opening Marco Island

Sun Times
December 12, 2013

Arts Hudson

The Art of Global Warming,

by James Perry

Winter 2018, Vol. 7, Issue no. 4

Pages 11-12



SYMPHONY, 1984 Exhibition. Galerie Bernard Desroches, 1444 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec


CAT Poster, 1984 Exhibition, Galerie Bernard Desroches, 1444 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec


KONTRAPUNKTE, Galerie Riswitha Benkert, April 26 to June 1, 1985
Seestrasse 55, 8700 Küsnacht
Zurich, Switzerkand


Schimanszky Exhibition, The Four Seasons Hotel, February 11-16, 1992
Montreal, QC, Canada



"Three Colors, Three Expressions, Three Dimensions"
Schimanszky at the Künstlerhaus, 1010 Wien, Karlplatz 5
Exhibition from April 19th to August 8, 1993


SCHOELLERBANK, Exhibition from Oct. 29 to Nov. 26, 1993
1010 Wien, Renngasse 3, Vienna, Austria


A commerative symbolic art work by Schimanszky under the distinguished patronage of the Counsil General of AustriaMrs. Ulrike Billard
Tuesday, June 18, 1996

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 1.43.18 PM.png

Leo Schimanszky, Sculptures & Paintings, Exhibition in the Hall of the St-Peter's Church, Nov. 14th - Dec.4th 1996

Wiener Neustadt, Austria


Leo Schimanszky, Exhibition 2000, Galerie Bernard Desroches Oct. 8 to Nov. 24
1444 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, Quebec


Leo Schimanszky, Exhibition 2000, Oct. 8 to Nov. 24, Galerie Bernard Desroches
1444 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, Quebec


Leo Schimanszky, Le Quartier du Musée, Book on the attractions around the Museum on Crescent and Peel Street in Montreal, Quebec



Leo Schimanszky, PLGART Gallery Grand Opening, January 25, 2002
5640, Taylor Road
Naples, Florida, USA

Poster, 12-05-13, Leo.jpg

The Artwork of Leo Schimanszky, In the Sculpture Garden, In the Atrium
December 5 , 2013

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